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Our Earth deserves a Green chance

Hello Green supporter…! We are so glad to find you here. Our Earth deserves a Green chance…isn’t it? You, me and everyone who supports this deserves to be here joining hands with Akhdir which aims to save our planet for today, tomorrow and future generations.

Akhdir features ‘Green Stories’ that demonstrate the steps taken by corporations and individuals as part of their commitment to preserve the planet. Akhdir deserves to be credited with the only Green and Sustainable magazine in the Middle East and also an online green news portal providing information relating to news, events, technologies, videos, web resources and success stories in the field of energy conservation, sustainability and environmental protection.


To help combat the dire affects of Climate Change, Akhdir would aim to connect pioneers and thought leaders in order to strive for finding a solution to this acute problem witnessed globally.

Anticipating the mounting concerns of Global Warming, Green Energy and Sustainability has become something of global phenomenon. Green Washing and a host of other eco-targeted terminology could easily be spotted across media and internet. With this massive wealth of information at our fingertips, our generation will have the greatest impact on the environment.

Recognizing the importance of delivering Eco & Sustainability news to the masses, Akhdir is dedicated to bring information on eco and green living into the mainstream of global news.


To reach a wider, global audience, Akhdir continues to provide a mix of in-depth analysis, environmental news and practical advice that appeals to a growing community of individuals committed to social and environmental change.
Remaining true to its roots in giving green a chance, Akhdir hopes to encourage its readers to fight back the harms of climate change by turning to green living.

Join us in our drive to give green a chance, the akhdir way


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