Lootah Biofuels LLC, one of the largest biodiesel producer & recycler of Used cooking oil in the UAE & GCC has launched collection of Used cooking oil from residential areas in Dubai.

This will increase the awareness about the conversion of used cooking oil into biodiesel and residents will be aware about the harms of re-use of cooking oil and other benefits of the environmental friendly disposal of cooking oil, stated yousif Saeed Lootah the CEO of Lootah biofuels.

Lootah Biofuels started the residential used cooking oil collection in Muhaisanah, Khawaneej, Al Warqa and Mirdif Areas in Dubai in the start and have plans to expand the area in coming months.

All the residences in the areas will be provided used cooking oil collection containers by Lootah biofuels and residents are advised to dispose their used cooking / frying oil in to the provided container and Lootah biofuels Used cooking oil collection team will collect the same accordingly.

“This is a great initiative by Lootah biofuels and we are thankful this initiative. We came to know about the harms of re-use of cooking oil like it can cause heart attacks and other kinds of health issue. Also if we throw the same in to drain it can block pipes and drains. Now we are happy that we as a resident of Dubai are also taking part in the Green Dubai mission and our residential kitchen waste is also a contribution for a cause, stated by Mr. Ahmed Saeed, an Emirati resident in Muhaisana-1 Area.

Mr. Ahmed Saeed is honored by Lootah Biofuels as the First Emirati citizen who has started his contribution for the recycling of residential used cooking oil.

Lootah biofuels expanded its Biodiesel production capacity from 300 MT to 450 metric ton per month recently and planning to start the construction of its new state of the art Biodiesel production plant with the capacity of 1000 metric ton per month by the end of the year 2017.

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