Zimbabwe’s largest solar power plant installed by the meeco Group

Swiss-based clean energy provider the meeco Group has installed the largest solar power plant in Zimbabwe.

The installation is currently the nation’s largest solar power plant, and has a total capacity of 216 kilowatt peak (kWp), marking a key turning point for Zimbabwe which is largely dependent on fossil fuels.

The meeco Group has been present in Zimbabwe since 2013 through its joint venture, oursun Energy (Private) Ltd. which seeks to develop solar energy in East African country.

The meeco Group equipped the facility of a Zimbabwean company with its solar power solution sun2live.

sun2live is The meeco Group’s small-to-medium scale distributed generation and storage solution for both grid- connected and off-grid use.

To meet the local requirements of the facility, meecocustomised the sun2live energy solution.

According to PennEnergy, a special static tracker allows for the most efficient positioning of the solar modules, which are positioned in two directions to ensure optimise energy production.

In addition, meeco has placed the ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV) system at two different sites.

The first 152 kWp solution is installed in close proximity to the lake where the facility obtains the water for its production processes – the solution will provide the energy to power the pumps to process the water.

The second 64 kWp solar power solution is installed at the facility, and will help reduce diesel consumption which was previously responsible for covering the company’s entire energy demand.

The PV system is projected to save roughly 134,000 litres of diesel and 280 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

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