Solar capacity in Ukraine to reach 1 GW in 2017

The operational solar capacity in the country is expected to reach 1 gigawatt (GW) by the end of this year in a major step towards Ukraine’s energy independence.

In 2016, Ukraine’s operational solar capacity stood at 568 megawatts (MW), adding just 107 MW throughout the year.

According to a report presented by the expert board of the 6th International Conference on Exhibition Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe (CISOLAR-2017), a total of 54 solar projects will be implemented in 2017, with an overall capacity of 460 MW thus taking the total operational capacity in Ukraine to more than 1 GW.

Of these projects, seven will have a capacity in excess of 20 MW, nine will exceed 10 MW and the remaining new projects adding over 5 MW of capacity each.

The Ukraine government is a strong advocate for alternative energy sources, committing to €15 billion investment program for stepping up renewable energy in 2015.

In addition, last year the Ukrainian government announced plans to turn Chernobyl’s nuclear wasteland into a 1 GW solar farm.

However, the planned 1 GW solar power park at Chernobyl is not believed to have been included in the CISOLAR-2017 estimates for 2017.

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